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Introduction to the AdS/CFT correspondence

Event description

Prof David Berenstein, from the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), is visiting the Higgs Centre till September 24th. He will be delivering a series of three lectures on :

Introduction to the AdS/CFT correspondence


I will give an introductory set of lectures on the AdS/CFT correspondence. The main focus is to understand how the AdS/CFT dictionary is derived from first principles. Also, I will showcase how some apparent paradoxes for the consistency of the correspondence are resolved with modern quantum information ideas.

Content :

  1. Motivating the AdS/CFT correspondence
  2. Solutions of the wave equations in AdS
  3. Extrapolation to the boundary and boundary conditions
  4. Conformal Field theory: representations of the conformal group and the operator state correspondence
  5. Deriving the AdS/CFT dictionary and the importance of Large N
  6. Conserved currents and gauge fields in the bulk
  7. String states and spin chains
  8. D-branes in AdS and their duals
  9. Causality and quantum error correction
  10. (As time permits): Some basic aspects of black holes in AdS/CFT

Note: Ideally attendants will have some previous exposure to General Relativity and to Quantum Field Theory of gauge fields.

Location : Higgs Centre lecture theatre

Date and time :

  • 1st lecture : Monday, September 16th, 2.10-4.10pm
  • 2nd lecture : Tuesday, September 17th, 9-11am
  • 3rd lecture : Friday, September 20th, 9-11am



Introduction to the AdS/CFT correspondence