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The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics is based at the School of Physics and Astronomy and encompasses students and researchers from three Institutes within the School:

It also covers students and researchers from the School of Mathematics’ Mathematical Physics Group.

Further, the Higgs Centre includes Affiliates and Associates beyond these Schools and beyond the University of Edinburgh and is also happy to host visitors.

The Director of the Higgs Centre is Martin Evans, Professor of Statistical Physics at the University of Edinburgh. Local organisation is through a Management Committee, while more strategic issues are decided with the help of an International Advisory Committee. Neil Turok is the Inaugural Higgs Chair of Theoretical Physics at the University of Edinburgh. He is also the Chair of the International Advisory Committee.

The Higgs Centre brings together theoretical physicists working in theoretical particle physics, astrophysics, complex systems, string theory, mathematical physics and more. It provides a lively, stimulating, cosmopolitan and interdisciplinary environment for the development of new ideas and concepts.