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The Higgs Centre is trying to stay connected to its alumni. Let us know if you'd like to share your story by contacting either Jennifer Smillie or the Higgs Centre Administrator.

From academia or policy to data science, software engineering or financial services, our alumni have gone on to a wide range of careers all over the world. There is also a LinkedIn Group available if you'd like to join and connect there. Currently, the global spread of the alumni on the LinkedIn group is as follows.

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Graphic of a map of locations of some Higgs Centre alumni around the world

Here are some of our alumni:

Gary Douglas

  • Lynchpin Analytics

Contact details

  • Graduated: Mathematical Physics (1996), PhD in Particle Physics (1999)

Ava Khamseh

  • University of Edinburgh
  • MRC Human Genetics Unit

Contact details

  • Graduated: BSc (Hons) Mathematical Physics (2013), PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics (2017)

Mairi McKay

 Mairi MCKAY

Contact details

  • Graduated: MPhys Mathematical Physics (2013), PhD in Physics (2019)

Chay Paterson

  • InSync Technology Ltd

Contact details

  • Graduated: PhD in Biological Physics (2017)

Jack Raymond

  • D-Wave Systems

Contact details

  • Graduated: Mathematical Physics (2005)