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The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics was established by the University of Edinburgh to seek answers to fundamental questions about the universe. We do this by creating opportunities for researchers and students from around the world to come together to formulate new theoretical concepts, taking us beyond the limitations of current paradigms.

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This event is a Colloquium.


Multi-Scale Simulations of Thermodynamics and Transport in Polymeric, Colloidal, and Surfactant Self-assembling MaterialsRonald LARSON

Continuum-level thermodynamic and transport properties relevant to long time and length scales can now be computed from molecular-scale interactions using multi-scale molecular dynamics (MD) simulations and Brownian dynamics (BD) simulations, along with biasing methods, such as umbrella sampling, and forward flux sampling. We demonstrate the power of these methods by ...
Higgs Centre Seminar Room, JCMB

This event is a Workshop.


Advanced Artificial Intelligence for Precision High Energy Physics

Artificial intelligence techniques are becoming increasingly important in high energy physics (HEP), with a range of applications that goes from analytic computations to modeling and optimization. Many of these applications tackle cutting-edge problems in machine learning (ML), and in fact address issues, such as the need to accurate uncertainty estimations ...

This event is a Workshop.


Physics by the Lake 2023

Physics by the Lake is the UK national summer school on theoretical condensed matter physics, aimed at PhD students towards the end of their first year. While geared towards UK students, we welcome participants worldwide. It is organised by the Institute of Physics (IOP) Theory of Condensed Matter group. It ...
  • University of Stirling

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