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Postdoctoral Research Associate in Scattering Amplitudes

Applications are invited for a three-year Postdoctoral Research Associate position at the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, to work on the mathematical structure of multi-loop scattering amplitudes and on the development of bootstrap methods for computing them.

Salary range: £35,333 to £42,155 (UE07) per annum

The Opportunity:

This position is funded by Dr. Andrew McLeods's Royal Society University Research Fellowship (URF\R1\221233) entitled “Harnessing the Structure of Scattering Amplitudes”. Research activities include developing a better understanding of the mathematical structure of scattering amplitudes and developing more efficient methods for their computation.

Apply HERE before 09/02/2023, 17:00 UK time.

With your application please upload a CV, a covering letter containing names of three referees and a short research statement. We will only request letters following the long-listing process. Letters may be sent by referees in advance to Informal enquiries should be sent to Andrew McLeod,, or to Einan Gardi,

Higgs Prize PhD Fellowships in Theoretical Physics

Applications are invited for up to three international Higgs Prize PhD Fellowships across theoretical physics, starting September 2023. We are particularly interested in recruiting students with a strong mathematical background who are passionate to study and explore the fundamental laws of Nature.

The Prize will cover fees and a four-year stipend, matching the level of the UK Research Council Maintenance Allowance rates (£17,668 per annum), as well as research funds of £1.5k per annum to cover books, computing and conference costs.

Applications are open to all students with no conditions on nationality. Furthermore, we value diversity, and strongly encourage female candidates and underrepresented groups to apply.

Before applying, interested candidates should get in touch with a supervisor from the Higgs Centre (a theoretical physicist who is an academic member of staff in the School of Physics and Astronomy) to support their application.

Applicants are advised to include in their application a statement of interest regarding the Higgs Prize PhD Fellowship under the ‘Research Proposal’ category (there is no need to write a detailed research proposal, just a brief description of the general topic agreed upon with the supervisor). The selection panel will take into account supporting statements from the prospective supervisors.

Students who have already applied and wish to submit a statement of interest for this fellowship are welcome to send their statements by email to the Graduate School Administrator Nicola Ferguson at

Note, if you are not able to meet the deadline, please get in touch with us.

More information

Higgs Centre PhD Coordinator

Applications are now closed
(since Fri 20 Jan 2023)

Six Postdoctoral Research Associates in Theoretical Particle Physics

Six Postdoctoral Research Associate Positions in the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics

We are looking to fill five Postdoctoral Research Associateships, funded by the to the STFC Consolidated Grant ST/X000494/1 ‘Particle Theory at the Higgs Centre’. The positions will begin on 1st October 2023, and be for up to three years. The salary will be in the range £35,333 to £42,155, depending on experience.

Specifically, the six positions are:

LHC Phenomenology (5669): to work on the determination the determination of PDFs using data from LHC, with Richard Ball, Luigi Del Debbio, and other members of the NNPDF collaboration.

Gauge Theory Amplitudes (5674): to work on gauge-theory scattering amplitudes motivated by collider physics and the broader context of quantum field theory, with Einan Gardi, Franz Herzog, Mao Zeng and the wider group.

Gravity Amplitudes (5683): to work scattering amplitudes in gravitational physics, working with Tim Adamo, Anton Ilderton, Donal O’Connell, Mao Zeng and the wider group.

Precision Lattice QCD (5684, 5675): to work on numerical calculations and formal developments in the context of lattice field theory applied to theoretical particle physics with Antonin Portelli, Max Hansen, Vera Gülpers and others.

Holography (5773): to work on holography, quantum chaos and non-lorentzian geometry, with Joan Simon, Jelle Hartong, Saso Grozdanov and other members of the Edinburgh Mathematical Physics Group.

The primary aim of the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics is to achieve breakthroughs in our basic understanding of the universe. The Higgs Centre brings together the various strands of research in theoretical physics across the whole of the School of Physics and Astronomy and the School of Mathematics. Current research covers a wide range of theoretical physics: quantum field theory, string theory, conformal field theory, lattice gauge theory, collider physics, scattering amplitudes, flavour and CP violation, hadron structure and decays, physics beyond the standard model, symmetry breaking and vacuum structure, black holes, cosmology and inflation, dark matter and dark energy, galaxy formation, statistical physics, complexity, computational materials physics and biophysics. The Centre has substantial funds for seminars and workshops, and international visitor and associate programmes. Postgraduate training is an essential ingredient of the Centre, with MSc programmes in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics, and a range of PhD studentships. The Centre is located in the JCMB, with its recently-refurbished seminar room and discussion area.

Application instructions

Applications should be submitted before 05 December 2022 (5pm UK time). Please upload a CV and a brief research statement (less than 3 pages) and provide the names and contact details of at least three referees. The referees will be approached for letters after the long-listing process. Please feel free to contact our HR team at regarding any technical issues.

Contact: Richard Ball (; Einan Gardi (; Anton Ilderton (; Antonin Portelli (; Vera Guelpers (; Joan Simon (

Letters of Reference should be sent to:

More Information

More information

Applications are now closed
(since Mon 5 Dec 2022)

Postdoctoral Fellowships

There are a number of prestigious fellowships which might enable you to work with us, and which we can help you apply for:

We encourage interested applicants to get in touch with Einan Gardi or a member of the Management Committee.

Note that the School runs an internal selection process for these fellowships, as described here.

More information

Higgs Centre Director

PhD Studies

In the School of Physics and Astronomy we run a PhD programme in a variety of subjects. A PhD in Theoretical Physics may be taken in:

To apply to any of the above, please use the University postgraduate application system.

Interested candidates are welcome to contact the Graduate School Administrator.

You may also apply for a PhD in Mathematical Physics (separate application through School of Mathematics).

More information

Deputy Academic Administrator (Graduate School)