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Field theories of Active and Driven matter

When energy is continuously fed into a system the states of matter, large scale structures it can form, and the collective dynamics it undergoes are far richer than for a system in thermal equilibrium. In the last decade, two distinct and separate communities have developed addressing aspects of this problem ...
The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics

Higgs Centre School of Theoretical Physics 2019

The 5th edition of the Higgs Centre School of Theoretical Physics will take place in May 27- May 31 2019 at the Higgs Centre, James Clerk Maxwell Building, Edinburgh. The scientific programme starts at 9:00 on Monday, May 27th, and ends at 16:00 on Friday, May 31st. The ...
Higgs Centre Seminar Room, JCMB
Room 3217, James Clerk Maxwell Building
JCMB Lecture Theatre B

The Cosmic Web: From Galaxies to Cosmology

The matter distribution of the universe follows a web-like structure, consisting of sheets, filaments, knots and voids. This cosmic web, the focus of the proposed workshop, provides the environment for the formation and evolution of galaxies in the universe, and is fundamentally connected to cosmology. Our goal is to bring ...
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh

Towards accuracy at small x

The aim of this meeting is to bring together experts in small- x physics to discuss recent progress in the field. Topics to be discussed include collider phenomenology, amplitudes and calculations with transverse-momentum-dependent distributions at higher orders. The workshop will feature some review talks on the following topics Theory Overview ...
The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics

Peter Higgs' 90th Birthday Celebration

We will mark this year of Peter Higgs' 90th birthday with an afternoon of talks looking back to the discovery of the Higgs boson and looking forward to future discoveries in particle physics. This will be held in the Playfair Library on Fri 20th September, 2019. Further details/registration will ...
Playfair Library, University of Edinburgh

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