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Long-Lived Particles and the Third Generation

Long-lived particles can arise from a broad set of models and they receive experimental attention in dedicated searches in the LHC datasets. However, attention has so far been mostly focused on the experimentally simpler first and second generation particle decays, and the decays to the third generation are deserving of ...
The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics

Higgs Maxwell Workshop 2020

Higgs-Maxwell workshops are a series of annual one-day meetings to discuss the current topics in theoretical and experimental particle physics and the prospects for future discoveries. The meeting is organised by the Universities of Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lancaster, and is held at the Royal Society of Edinburgh in Edinburgh ...
Royal Society of Edinburgh, 22-26 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2PQ

Cluster Algebras and the Geometry of Scattering Amplitudes

The aim of this meeting is to bring together physicists and mathematicians who are interested in the connections between cluster algebras and the geometry of scattering amplitudes. This is intended to facilitate increased interaction and collaboration between these fields, and to provide an avenue for the articulation of interesting and ...
Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics

Rethinking Time: Philosophers and Physicists in Conversation

This one day meeting aims at a cross-disciplinary exchange between philosophers and physicists on the nature of time . The complete list of speakers is : R. T. Mullins (St Andrews) J. Brian Pitts (Cambridge) Mehul Malik (Heriot-Watt) Patrick Todd (Edinburgh) Ralph Silva (ETH, Zurich) Joan Simon (Edinburgh) To register, please click ...
Higgs Centre Seminar Room, JCMB

International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics 2020

This will be the 50th edition of the ISMD conference series, bringing together physicists from across particle, nuclear and astro-physics for talks and discussions on all aspects and consequences of the strong nuclear force and complex final states. The conference will be held at Atholl Palace in Pitlochry, pictured below ...

Factorization, Evolution, Resummation - FER 2020

FER 2020 is the 7th workshop in the series of workshops on Factorization, Evolution, Resummation . It aims to bring together experts who deal with high-energy hadronic processes where the transverse momentum of the involved partons plays a relevant role. This includes researchers of different communities specialized in, e.g., nucleon ...
Lecture Theatre C, James Clerk Maxwell Building

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