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Workshop Proposal Guidance

Propose a workshop

The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics has resources to support research workshops and schools in any current topical area of Theoretical Physics. The intention is that workshops should be primarily focused on developing collaborative research rather than merely dissemination. We can offer support for workshops of various formats and styles. A look at the workshops page should give an idea as to the range of activity that takes place at the Centre (past events can be viewed year-by- year using the menu on the left-hand side of the page). They range in scale from events with a small number of invited participants, to large-scale meetings of up to a week. We particularly welcome proposals for workshops to establish new research directions, or to foster collaboration between hitherto disjoint subdisciplines of theoretical physics. Budgets are of course limited, and so for large events in particular it will often be the case that the Higgs Centre is able only to partially support a workshop with matching funds from elsewhere.

Support available

The Higgs Centre is able to offer support towards travel, accommodation and subsistence for invited speakers and towards refreshments for participants during the meeting. We can also provide full administrative assistance. A page within the Higgs Centre website will be created for you once a workshop is approved and the schedule will be advertised on our calendar and Indico system. We also have facilities for collecting a registration fee from participants through the website.

Application procedure

Workshop proposals should be submitted via the online application form on the Higgs Centre website. The proposal should explain the rational behind the proposal, specify the length and structure of the workshop, names of organisers and key invited speakers, number of participants, estimates costs, and any potential external funding. If you wish to discuss your initial thoughts with regards to a potential workshop, please do not hesitate to write directly to any member of the Higgs Centre Management Committee.


Please note we will require you to submit a short report after your workshop.

Propose a workshop