Higgs Centre Past Workshops

Richard D. Kenway

Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics

Key Speakers:
Jacek Gondzio, Kousha Etessami, Natalia Bochkina, Rahul Santhanam, Sotirios Sabanis, Ilias Diakonikolas, Michal Branicki, Chris Williams, Tony Carbery

This informal workshop will review some of the research interests in the
Schools of Informatics and Mathematics related to Data Science, or "Big
Data", and seek to build connections between them in the context of the new
University-wide initiative "Edinburgh Data Science". The meeting is open to
everyone interested in the mathematical foundations of Big Data.

10.02.2014 to 11.02.2014
Richard Ball, Luigi Del Debbio

Higgs Centre

Key Speakers:
Stefano Forte, Jose Latorre, Juan Rojo, Maria Ubiali, Alberto Guffanti

Parton distributions are a key ingredient of LHC data analysis. This two day workshop will deal with the latest developments in the determination of PDFs using neural networks and the latest data from LHC.

08.01.2014 to 10.01.2014
Arjun Berera, Alexander Morozov, Brian Pendleton, Andy Taylor

Appleton Tower, 11 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9LE

Key Speakers:
Tom Kibble; Guido Altarelli, Robert Brandenberger, Lance Dixon, Michael Duff, Bruno Eckhardt, Subir Sachdev

The Higgs Centre is organising a two-and-a-half day meeting on new directions in theoretical physics in early January, 2014. The aim is to explore and discuss new directions at the frontiers of theoretical physics in a broad range of topics, including astrophysics, cosmology, condensed matter, complex sytems and particle physics. We hope to encourage an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. The...