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Mathematics of big data

Event description

This informal workshop will review some of the research interests in the Schools of Informatics and Mathematics related to Data Science, or "Big Data", and seek to build connections between them in the context of the new University-wide initiative "Edinburgh Data Science". The meeting is open to everyone interested in the mathematical foundations of Big Data.


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Large Scale Optimization and Big Data (0h15′)
26 Feb / 14:30—14:45
Edinburgh Data Science, Richard Kenway (0h15′)
26 Feb / 14:45—15:00
Large Scale Optimization and Big Data, Jacek Gondzio (0h15′)
26 Feb / 15:00—15:15
Kousha Etessami (0h15′)
26 Feb / 15:15—15:30
Big data and Statistics, Natalia Bochkina (0h15′)
26 Feb / 15:30—15:45
Rahul Santhanam (0h15′)
26 Feb / 15:45—16:00
Probability and Big Data, Sotirios Sabanis (0h15′)
26 Feb / 16:00—16:15
Ilias Diakonikolas (0h15′)
26 Feb / 16:15—16:30
Michal Branicki (0h15′)
26 Feb / 16:30—16:45
The Data Science CDT -- Linkages with Maths, Chris Williams (0h15′)
26 Feb / 16:45—17:00
Big Data in Analysis -- Structure in Large Sets, Tony Carbery (0h15′)
26 Feb / 17:00—17:15
Querying Big Data: Theory and Practice, Wenfei Fan (0h15′)

Mathematics of big data


The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics (Find us on campus maps)
School of Physics and Astronomy
James Clerk Maxwell Building, 4305
Peter Guthrie Tait Road


Key speakers