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Edinburgh University Workshop on Complex Networks

Event description

Complex networks are ubiquitous. For example, the Internet, the brain, social networks, and the pathways of chemical interactions within living cells can all be described as complex networks. Hence research into complex networks is important and far-reaching. Such research is being conducted in both the School of Informatics and the School of Physics and Astronomy. However, the research conducted in each school seems somewhat disjointed. The primary aim of this workshop is to facilitate collaboration between these two groups. The workshop will consist of a series of presentations given by speakers predominantly drawn from both schools, and a combined drinks reception and poster session.

The website for this workshop can be found at Please see the website for further details regarding the workshop, such as the programme. Also, please use the website to register for the workshop. Note that this event is free to attend; however, spaces are limited.

Edinburgh University Workshop on Complex Networks


Informatics Forum (Find us on campus maps)
10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh


  • Victor Hernandez-Urbina
  • Tom Underwood

Key speakers