Visitor Archive 2012

Paul Rakow

University of Liverpool

In collaboration with Roger Horsley.

17.12.2012 to 21.12.2012

Gerrit Schierholz


In collaboration with Roger Horsley.

17.12.2012 to 21.12.2012

Keith Ellis


Collaboration with Richard Ball.

Speaker in the Theoretical Particle Physics seminar.

28.11.2012 to 07.12.2012
28.11.2012 to 01.12.2012

Pierre Vanhove

CEA Saclay and IHES

Participating in Algebraic geometry, modular forms and applications to physics at the ICMS.

26.11.2012 to 30.11.2012

Neil Turok

Perimeter Institute, Canada

Speaker in the Higgs Colloquium: Beyond the Big Bang: A New View of Cosmology.

16.11.2012 to 17.11.2012

Joyce Myers

Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen

Deconfinement transitions of large N QCD with chemical potential at weak and strong coupling

07.11.2012 to 09.11.2012

Chris White

Glasgow University

Collaboration on webs.

31.10.2012 to 01.11.2012

Christine Hartmann

Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen

Visiting student, working with Richard Ball

31.10.2012 to 02.11.2012

Andrea Nobile


Collaboration with Roger Horsley.

22.10.2012 to 15.11.2012
13.10.2012 to 20.10.2012

Frank Close

Oxford University

General interst seminar speaker: The Infinity Puzzle: From QED to the Higgs Boson and beyond.

Rutherford and Bohr discovered the nuclear atom 100 years ago. Roughly 50 years ago the reason for this basic structure of matter was discovered by six people including Peter Higgs. This year the proof of this idea has come, due to discovery of Higgs's boson. What it is, why it matters, and why I tip it for next years Nobel Prize - for chemistry - are themes in this pedagogic talk.

11.10.2012 to 12.10.2012
04.10.2012 to 06.10.2012
25.09.2012 to 28.09.2012

Stefano Carrazza

University of Milan
24.09.2012 to 25.09.2012

Stefano Forte

University of Milan
24.09.2012 to 25.09.2012

Alberto Guffanti

Niels Bohr Institute
24.09.2012 to 25.09.2012
24.09.2012 to 25.09.2012

José Latorre

University of Barcelona
24.09.2012 to 25.09.2012
24.09.2012 to 28.09.2012
24.09.2012 to 25.09.2012
24.09.2012 to 27.09.2012

Valerio Bertone

University of Freiburg
24.09.2012 to 25.09.2012

Lorenzo Magnea

University of Turin

Higgs Centre Associate Member - Collider Physics.

Speaker at New Methods for Quantum Chromodynamics.

20.09.2012 to 28.09.2012