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Visitor Proposal Guidance

Propose a visitor

The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics has resources to support visitors from other institutions, in order to collaborate with local Researchers, to give graduate lectures or the Higgs Colloquium.

Currently these are the categories of visitors that can be supported:

  • Visiting researchers: short (a week) to medium (a couple of months) stay to collaborate with the Centre Researchers.
  • Affiliate: a frequent visitor, typically from the UK, primarily to continue collaboration with local Researchers on short visits.
  • Associate: longer stays on an annual basis over three years by high-profile researchers in theoretical physics. In addition to research seminars and colloquia, Associates usually contribute to the Graduate School, through an informal lecture series. They also participate in organising workshops. Very high-profile researchers may be nominated to the University as Visiting Porfessors.

More information about the different visitor categories, support available and application process is given below.

Please note that there is a cap on the amount of funding available per visit (for all costs) at £3.8k per month (pro rata).

Visiting researchers

The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics has resources to support visitors from other institutions, for example, to collaborate with local Researchers or to give graduate lectures. Frequent visitors may be nominated as Higgs Centre Affiliates or Associates.

Our Visiting Researcher scheme is now open to applications throughout the year. We therefore invite applications for visitors to come to the Higgs Centre for the purpose of fostering or continuing collaboration. Funding for accommodation and travel expenses is available. We particularly encourage applications from PhD students and early stage researchers. Visits may be co-ordinated with visits of existing Associates or Affiliates.

Visits should be in conjunction with a local host, who should complete the visitor form, including a host statement detailing the potential benefit of the visit and the strength of the visitor. If appropriate, an email address for a referee for the visitor may be included (e.g. a PhD supervisor or senior collaborator).


An Affiliate can be any researcher in any area of Theoretical Physics covered by the Higgs Centre who makes - or intends to make - several short visits to the Centre over an extended period (several months or longer). Typically, an Affiliate would be an active researcher who has an ongoing collaboration with a Researcher. Administrative support to help arrange a visit may be available for any visitors in a Higgs Centre research area, even if no further financial support is required. The ongoing affiliation with the Higgs Centre will be advertised on our web pages.

To propose an Affiliate, please fill out the Affiliate application form. We require only basic information about the visits, with shorts statements (about one paragraph each, guideline maximum 400 words) about what the visit will achieve and a justification for financial support where this is requested. Applications can be submitted at any time, and will be considered at the meeting of the Management Committee after the application is received.

Associate Members

An Associate Member is a high-profile researcher in any area of Theoretical Physics covered by the Higgs Centre. Associate Membership lasts three years in the first instance, and is renewable thereafter.

The Higgs Centre will provide administrative support and may cover travel, accommodation and living expenses for Associate Members. A limited number of Associateships are available at any one time. We are however happy to receive suggestions for Associate Members at any time.

To suggest an Associate Member for consideration, please fill out the short Associate application form. We require some information about the proposed member, including a publications list, and a short case for support.

For very high-profile visitors, you may additionally propose that we nominate an Associate to the University as a candidate for a Visiting Professorship.