Towards accuracy at small x


The aim of this meeting is to bring together the maximum experts in small-x physics to discuss recent progress in the field. Topics to be discussed include collider phenomenology, amplitudes and calculations with transverse-momentum dependent distributions at higher orders.

The workshop will feature some long talks on the following topics

  • Theory Overview (Stefano Forte)
  • Experimental Overview (Paul Newmann)
  • Scattering Amplitudes (Claude Duhr)
  • Effective Theory Approach (TBC)
  • BFKL and impact factors at NLO (Giovanni Chirilli)
  • BFKL beyond NLO (TBC)
  • Parton Distribution Functions and LHC phenomenology (Marco Bonvini)
  • Calculations in kT-factorisation (Krzysztof Kutak)
  • Unintegrated Parton Densities (Francesco Hautmann)
  • Jets in the High Energy Limits (Jeppe Andersen)
  • Jets in the BFKL approach (Samuel Wallon)

Furthermore, we encourage the submission of abstracts for shorter talks on more specialised topics. In this context, abstracts from PhD students and postdocs working in this field are particularly welcomed.


Towards accuracy at small x

Higgs Centre Workshop
The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics
School of Physics and Astronomy
James Clerk Maxwell Building
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