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New Directions in Theoretical Physics 4: Programme, Registration and Accommodation

Event description

New Directions in Theoretical Physics is a series of international conferences organised by the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, aiming to highlight new opportunities and stimulate an exchange of ideas across all areas of contemporary theoretical physics. All talks are plenary reviews aimed at a broad audience of theoretical physicists, intended to inspire and to promote valuable cross-disciplinary interactions.

The January 2023 meeting is the fourth meeting in the series, following highly successful meetings in 2019, 2017 and 2014. This meeting will celebrate 10 years since the discovery of the Higgs Boson, and is part of the decennial celebrations of the Higgs Centre.

The 2023 meeting will cover topics spanning all scales from elementary particles to cosmology and including complex adaptive systems, climate modelling, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, dark matter, dark energy and black holes.

The conference venue is 50 George Square in the city centre campus of the University of Edinburgh. The formal conference will run from Tuesday 10th - Thursday 12th January, including 45 minute review talks and 30 minute interdisciplinary discussions. The list of speakers is below. In the evening of the first day (Tuesday, 10 Jan) there will be a drinks reception followed by a joint public lecture, delivered by two recent Nobel prize winners, James Peebles and Roger Penrose and chaired by Michela Massimi. On the Wednesday evening (12 Jan) all participants will be hosted for a conference dinner.

Registration for in-person attendance now closed

Registration deadline for on-line attendance: 9 January

Registration £130 - students and early career rate
£160 - academic rate
Free online attendance
This fee includes day-time conference catering (tea breaks/coffee, lunch), a reception and a conference dinner.
Fee waivers are available. Please get in touch with us.


  • Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS, Princeton) Elementary particles

  • Ryan Babbush (Google) Quantum algorithms

  • Celine Boehm (Edinburgh and Sydney) Dark matter

  • Latham Boyle (Perimeter Institute) Dark energy

  • Michael Cates (Cambridge) Soft condensed matter

  • Laura Cadonati (Georgia Tech) Gravitational waves

  • Cynthia Chiang (McGill, UKZN) Cosmic dawn

  • Tamara Davis (Queensland) Dark Energy

  • John Ellis (CERN and Kings College) Particle Physics

  • Michael Figurnov (DeepMind) Protein Structure Prediction

  • Vera Guelpers (Higgs Centre, Edinburgh) Lattice QCD

  • Nigel Goldenfeld (UC San Diego) Turbulence

  • Ava Khamseh (University of Edinburgh)

  • Nana Ama Browne Klutse (Legon, Ghana) Climate Science

  • Fulvio Militello (UKAEA, Culham) Nuclear Fusion

  • Priya Natarajan (Yale) Galaxy formation

  • Wilfrid Ndifon (AIMS, Rwanda) Mathematical Epidemiology

  • Prosper Ngabonziza (Louisiana State University) African Light Source

  • Prince Osei (AIMS, Ghana) Building STEM in Africa

  • James Peebles (Princeton) Cosmology

  • Roger Penrose (Oxford) Mathematical Physics

  • David Romps (Berkeley) Climate Physics

  • Gavin Salam (Oxford, CERN) Collider Physics

  • Mouhamadou Bamba Sylla (AIMS, Senegal) Climate Science

  • Kendrick Smith (Perimeter Institute) Real time radio astronomy

Timetable to follow

Public Lecture

A public lecture titled: "Two ways to learn about the universe", will be delivered jointly by recent Nobel prize winners, James Peebles (Princeton) and Roger Penrose (Oxford), followed by a discussion chaired by Michela Massimi (Edinburgh). It will be held in the evening of Tuesday, 10th January at 50 George Square (same venue as conference).

Conference Dinner

On the evening of Wednesday 11th January you are invited to a conference dinner at the historic Playfair Library, within Old College, which is regarded as one of Scotland's finest public rooms.
Please advise your attendance at the dinner by checking the correct box on the registration form, there is no extra cost to attend.

Venue & Travel

The conference venue is at 50 George Square of our Central Area Campus. Please see direction information below:


Please find sugestions for accommodation here

During the Conference


Zoom: *Passcode: Physics23


For any practical question regarding the conference, please contact the Events Team

We expect all delegates to adhere to the Dignity and Respect Policy of the University of Edinburgh while on University premises.


See the full timetable on Indico


10 Jan 2023 08:30
Session 1: Registration and Welcome

10 Jan 2023 09:00
Session 1: Laura Cadonati (Georgia Tech): Gravitational Waves

10 Jan 2023
Session 1: Kendrick Smith (Perimeter Institute): Radio Astronomy

Gravitational Waves (0h40′)
  • Laura CADONATI

10 Jan 2023 11:00
Session 1: Cynthia Chiang (McGill): First Light

10 Jan 2023 11:40
Session 1: Gavin Salam (Oxford): Ten Years of Higgs Physics

10 Jan 2023 12:20
Session 1: Discussion

10 Jan 2023 14:00
Session 2: Michael Cates (Cambridge): Soft Condensed Matter

10 Jan 2023 14:40
Session 2: Fulvio Militello (UKAEA, Culham): Nuclear Fusion

10 Jan 2023 16:00
Session 2: Nigel Goldenfeld (UC San Diego): Turbulence

10 Jan 2023 16:40
Session 2: Discussion

10 Jan 2023 19:00
Public Lecture: James Peebles (Princeton) and Roger Penrose (Oxford)

11 Jan 2023 09:00
Session 3: Michael Figurnov (DeepMind): Protein Structure Prediction

11 Jan 2023 09:40
Session 3: Ava Khamseh (Edinburgh): Computational Biology

11 Jan 2023 11:00
Session 3: Wilfred Ndifon (AIMS): Mathematical Epidemiology

11 Jan 2023 11:40
Session 3: Prince Osei (AIMS): Building STEM in Africa

11 Jan 2023 12:20
Session 3: Discussion

11 Jan 2023 14:00
Session 4: Prosper Ngabonziza (Louisiana State University): African Light Source

11 Jan 2023 14:40
Session 4: Nana Ama Browne Klutse ( Legon,Uganda) and Mouhamadou Sylla Bamba (AIMS): Climate Modelling

11 Jan 2023 16:00
Session 4: David Romps (Berkeley): Climate Physics

11 Jan 2023 16:40
Session 4: Ryan Babbush (Google): Quantum Algorithms)

11 Jan 2023 17:20
Session 4: Discussion

12 Jan 2023 09:00
Session 5: Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS Princeton): Elementary Particles

12 Jan 2023 09:40
Session 5: Vera Guelpers (Edinburgh): Lattice QCD

12 Jan 2023 11:00
Session 5: John Ellis (CERN): Elementary Particles

12 Jan 2023 11:40
Session 5: Celine Boehm (Sydney): Dark Matter Models

12 Jan 2023 12:20
Session 5: Discussion

12 Jan 2023 14:00
Session 5: Priya Natarajan (Yale): Galaxies and Dark Matter

12 Jan 2023 14:40
Session 5: Latham Boyle (Perimeter Institute): Cosmology

12 Jan 2023 16:00
Session 5: Tamara Davis (Queensland): Cosmology

12 Jan 2023 16:40
Session 5: Discussion

12 Jan 2023 17:20
Session 5: Close and depart


New Directions in Theoretical Physics 4: Programme, Registration and Accommodation


Key speakers

  • Ryan BABBUSH (Google)
  • Celine BOEHM (Edinburgh)
  • Latham BOYLE (Edinburgh)
  • Laura CADONATI (Georgia Tech)
  • Mike CATES (Cambridge)
  • Cynthia CHIANG (McGill)
  • Tamara DAVIS (University of Queensland)
  • John ELLIS (King's)
  • Michael FIGURNOV (DeepMind)
  • Nigel GOLDENFELD (UC San Diego)
  • Vera GÜLPERS (Edinburgh)
  • Ava KHAMSEH (Edinburgh)
  • Nana Ama Browne KLUTSE (University of Ghana, Legon)
  • Fulvio MILITELLO (UKAEA, Culham)
  • Priyamvada NATARAJAN (Yale)
  • Wilfred NDIFON (AIMS)
  • Prosper NGABONZIZA (Louisiana State University)
  • Prince OSEI (AIMS)
  • James PEEBLES (Princeton)
  • Roger PENROSE (Oxford)
  • David ROMPS (UC Berkeley)
  • Gavin SALAM (Oxford)
  • Kendrick SMITH (Perimeter Institute)
  • Mouhamadou Bamba SYLLA (AIMS)