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Iterated integrals and the Regge limit

Event description

The Regge limit (or the limit of high-energy scattering) was recognised long ago as one where unique insight can be gained into scattering processes, owing to a simplified effective description through new degrees of freedom in two- dimensions. Recent advances in the study of scattering amplitudes led to a resurgence in this field, with significant progress in both maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory and real-world QCD. A key ingredient in these developments was recognising the role of integrability on the one hand and of the iterated integrals that encode the physical properties of this limit on the other. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together experts working on different aspects of the Regge limit, at both weak and finite coupling, the corresponding space of functions and the associated algebraic structures. The focus will be on reviewing recent progress in the field and on enhancing the exchange of ideas. The workshop will be held at the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics of the University of Edinburgh from 10 - 14 April 2017. The meeting will consist of four and a half days with 2-3 talks per day and ample time for discussions among the participants.

Confirmed Speakers:
Ian Balitsky (JLab)
Benjamin Basso (ENS Paris)
Simon Caron-Huot (McGill)
Lance Dixon (SLAC)
Falko Dulat (SLAC)
Victor Fadin (BINP, Novosibirsk)
Alex Kovner (Connecticut)
Erik Panzer (Oxford)
Volker Schomerus (DESY, Hamburg U.)
Oliver Schnetz (Erlangen)
Iain Stewart (MIT)

A schedule of talks and discussion sessions is now available here.

Conference Dinner: The conference dinner will be held on the evening of Wednesday 12th April, 7pm at Blonde Restaurant. Please follow this link for walking directions from the Higgs Centre (30-40 minutes).

Travel/Accommodation: The meeting will take place in the Higgs Centre Seminar Room, James Clerk Maxwell Building, Kings Buildings.

Edinburgh is well served by trains and planes. Details on getting from the City Centre to JCMB here. A map of the Kings Buildings campus here.

A document with the list of accommodation options can be found at the top right of this page. You should inform guest houses that you are visiting the University in case they can offer a better rate.


Iterated integrals and the Regge limit


The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics (Find us on campus maps)
School of Physics and Astronomy
James Clerk Maxwell Building, 4305
Peter Guthrie Tait Road


Key speakers

  • Ian BALITSKY (JLab)
  • Benjamin BASSO (ENS Paris)
  • Simon CARON-HUOT (McGill)
  • Lance DIXON (SLAC)
  • Falko DULAT (SLAC)
  • Victor FADIN (BINP)
  • Alex KOVNER (UConn)
  • Erik PANZER (Oxford)
  • Oliver SCHNETZ (FAU)
  • Iain STEWART (MIT)


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