Topological quantum matter

02.09.2013 to 03.09.2013
Andrew Huxley (Edinburgh), Andy Mackenzie (St Andrews) and Steve Simon (Oxford)

Merchant's Hall, Edinburgh

Key Speakers:
Steve Barnett, Piers Coleman, Steve Girvin, David Goldhaber-Gordon, Duncan Haldane, Aharon Kapitulnik, Stefan Kuhr, Charlie Marcus, Joel Moore, Xiao-Gang Wen

The role of topology in condensed matter physics was first recognised several decades ago in the context of the Integer Quantum Hall Effect and in aspects of superfluid helium research, but recent work on topological insulators has given the field a huge boost. As is appropriate for a Higgs Centre meeting, there are overlaps with concepts from particle physics. Additionally there is a dynamic interplay between theory and experiment. 

The aim of the meeting is to improve understanding of topological states in condensed matter. The meeting would act as a primer for those from other disciplines interested in the subject, provide a forum for establishing future collaboration between local theorists and leading international theorists and provide guidance for local experimental research by reviewing the state of the art in current experimental work and identifying the most pertinent experimental challenges. 

Key speakers are:

  • Steve Barnett (Strathclyde)
  • Piers Coleman (Rutgers)
  • Steve Girvin (Yale)
  • David Goldhaber-Gordon (Stanford)
  • Duncan Haldane (Princeton)
  • Aharon Kapitulnik (Stanford)
  • Stefan Kuhr (Strathclyde)
  • Charlie Marcus (Copenhagen)
  • Joel Moore (Berkeley)
  • Xiao-Gang Wen (Perimeter Institute)

The Scientific ProgrammeAbstracts and List of Participants are now available for download.