Resummation, Evolution, Factorization 2020


Resummation, Evolution, Factorization 2020 is the 7th workshop in a series of workshops aiming to bring together experts who deal with high-energy hadronic processes where the transverse momentum of the scattering partons plays a relevant role.
This includes researchers of different communities specialized in, e.g., nucleon structure, transverse-momentum-dependent functions, small-x physics, jet physics, heavy-quark production, multi-parton interactions, etc.
Factorization theorems and resummation of large logarithms through evolution equations are key concepts for all these communities, which address overlapping physical phenomena with however different languages, calling for mutual understanding.
Indeed, this series of workshops aims at bridging the gap among them, to promote development and potential synergies, in view of the wealth of data taken at facilities like the LHC, RHIC or JLab, and future planned ones like the EIC.

Organizing Committee:
Einan Gardi
Francesco Hautmann
Piet Mulders
Jennifer Smillie

Advisory Board:
Elke Aschenauer, Daniel Boer, Igor Cherednikov, Markus Diehl, Miguel G. Echevarria, Laurent Favart, Francesco Hautmann, Hannes Jung, Krzysztof Kutak, Piet Mulders, Gunar Schnell, Ignazio Scimemi, Andrea Signori, Pierre Van Mechelen

Previous meetings:

25-29 November 2019, Pavia (Italy)
19-23 November 2018, Krakow (Poland)
13-16 November 2017, Madrid (Spain)
7-10 November 2016, Antwerp (Belgium)
2-5 November 2015, Hamburg (Germany)
8-11 December 2014, Antwerp (Belgium)


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Resummation, Evolution, Factorization 2020

Higgs Centre Workshop
Lecture Theatre C, James Clerk Maxwell Building
Peter Guthrie Tait Road