Rare B decays in 2015 - experiment and theory

11.05.2015 to 13.05.2015
Roman Zwicky, Kostas Petridis, Greig Cowan, Matt Needham

Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics

Key Speakers:
Blake (LHCb), Patel (LHCb), Bevan (Atlas), Ishikawa (Belle) & theorists

This workshop aims to bring  together the people who are active in rare B decays from the theoretical as well as experimental side. Particular focus is given on the exclusive decays B->K(*)ll and Bs->phi ll, Bs->phi gamma. It is the goal to discuss the new 3fb^-1 data from LHCb (as well as Atlas and CMS). Members of the Belle collaboraton will also be present.

Workshop schedule: (finally here) https://indico.cern.ch/event/391449/timetable/#all.detailed

The workshop will run in a similar format as the one at Imperial College in April 2014 https://indico.cern.ch/event/298086/program

The Higgs Centre is located in the James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB) of the Kings Buildings Campus (direction information below), the workshop starts Monday 11 May after lunch time and ends Wednesday 13 May after lunch time. There will be a dinner on Tuesday 12th May at Howies Restaurant on Victoria Street at 19pm (http://www.howies.uk.com/victoria-street-edinburgh/)

click here for directions to JCMB by various modes of transport

click here for a map pin to the entrance of JCMB, please ensure you enter via the main entrance and the workshop will be signposted from there


Note we will not provide lunch. You can find lunch in the local student shop, the library or the Swan mensa. More info will be provided by mail

If you were not contacted and would like to participate actively please write a mail to roman.zwicky [at] ed.ac.uk & konstantinos.petridis [at] cern.ch

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