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QED in Weak Decays

Event description

This workshop aims to bring together both experimental and theoretical experts working on QED corrections specifically to weak decays. The goal of this workshop is twofold. First, theorists working with methods of scalar QED, light-cone sum rules, chiral perturbation theory, SCET and lattice methods all have different ways of tackling the subtleties when dealing with QED corrections to weak decays. This workshop aims to transfer knowledge between theorists from these different communities, and we envision new collaborations to emerge from it. Second, since QED corrections are handled with Monte Carlo programs such as PHOTOS in experiment, meaningful predictions (especially in a collider environment) necessitate close interaction of theorists and experimentalists. We aim to develop strategies to make better use of the theoretical efforts and thereby improve the experimental analyses.

The workshop is by invitation. However, if you would like to participate and have not been included then please write to the organisers.


The start time on 22 June will be 14:00 and finish time will be around 16:00 on 24 June.
A detailed timetable can be found on the Indico page of the event.

Day 1   —   22 June

QED in continuum phenomenology  

Speakers:   Saad Nabeebaccus, Mark Knecht, Roman Zwicky, Diego Guadagnoli, Tobias Huber

Day 2   —   23 June


Speakers:   Martin Beneke, Philipp Böer, Matthias König

Monte Carlo and experiments

Speakers:   Florian Bernlochner, Zbigniew Andrzej Was, Davide Lancierini, Marek Schönherr

Day 3   —   24 June

QED corrections on the lattice

Speakers:   Chris Sachrajda, Agostino Patella, Michele Della Morte, Luchang Jin, Nils Hermansson-Truedsson, Matteo Di Carlo


Matteo Di
Marek Schö

This workshop is sponsored by The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, UK Virtual Centre in Lattice Field Theory (UKLFT) and IPPP Durham.

QED in Weak Decays


Higgs Centre Seminar Room, JCMB (Find us on campus maps)
The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics
School of Physics and Astronomy
James Clerk Maxwell Building, 4305
Peter Guthrie Tait Road


  • Matteo Di Carlo
    • University of Edinburgh
  • Marek Schönherr
    • IPPP, University of Durham
  • Keri Vos
    • Maastricht University
  • Roman Zwicky
    • University of Edinburgh