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The Physics of Self-Organising Active Matter (Higgs Centre Workshop)

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The physics of self-organising active matter is a key frontier in contemporary science, bringing together theorists working in non-equlibrium physics and applied mathematics with experimentalists in fields as varied as cell biology, robotics and soft matter physics. The field has the opportunity to address deep questions in non-equilibrium physics, developmental biology, chromosomal dynamics etc. It also offers possible downstream industrial applications in active materials, robotics etc. This meeting will bring together leading international researchers working on both theory and experiment to exchange ideas and explore new directions in this highly contemporary and exciting field.

This meeting also serves as the second international conference under a JSPS-funded "core to core" program grant on the physics of self-organising active matter A key objective of the core-to-core program is to create connections with younger scientists. There are opportunities for student exchanges and internships. The program has several nodes in the UK as well as in Germany/Austria, China and Japan (leading). This workshop therefore also aims to bring together two important communities working on self-organising active matter, those based in Asia and in Europe. It is a rare opportunity for exchange and collaboration between these two communities that have many interests in common but that could be better connected. The hope is that this workshop will act as a "bridge" in this respect. This program grant will run for five years with further follow-up workshops, including one that is already being planned in Dresden for 2025. Thus it gives participants the unusual opportunity to be included at the start of this ambitious program and the relationships and collaborations that will emerge from it. Involvement in the workshop is not restricted to those working in program grant node institutions.


Mike Cates (University of Cambridge)Thermodynamically Consistent Flocking
Robert Insall (University of Glasgow)Chemotaxis, self-steering, and collective migration – how cells generate gradients together to obtain information about their surroundings
Davide Michieletto (University of Edinburgh)Topologically Active polymers
Juliane Simmchen (University of Strathclyde)From active - passive interactions to self - assembled clusters from photocatalytic active matter
Rastko Sknepnek (University of Dundee)Extending the vertex model for tissue dynamics to include effects of activity
Dan Pearce (University of Warwick/Geneva)Turbulence and hyperuniformity in active nematics
Giulia Laura Celora (University College London) Migration of living droplets: a novel paradigm for chemotaxis of multicellular communities
Jeanine Shea (TU Berlin)Collective behavior of cohesive, aligning particles
Suropriya Saha (MPI Göttingen) Multifaceted dynamics due to nonreciprocity in active scalar mixtures
Christina Kurzthaler (MPI Dresden) Active transport in complex environments
Klaus Kroy (Leipzig) Self-Organising Hot Microswimmers
Oliver Bäumchen (Bayreuth) Self-Organization of Photoactive Microbial Matter
Uwe Thiele (Münster) Nonreciprocal demixing - oscillatory states and Maxwell construction
Markus Baer (PTB Berlin) Patterns, turbulence and control in polar active fluids
Daisuke Mizuno (Kyushu University)Self-organized jamming criticality and effective temperature of active cytoplasm
Kaoru Sugimura (University of Tokyo)Image-based parameter inference for epithelial mechanics
Sakurako Tanida (University of Tokyo)Crowd Dynamics as Active Matter: Unveiling the Pattern Formation in Elevator Traffic and Pedestrian Movements
Marie Tani (Kyoto University)Coiling patterns of soft filaments
Daiki Nishiguchi (University Tokyo)Reversals, oscillations, and chiral dynamics of bacterial turbulence
John J. Molina (Kyoto University) Bayesian Machine Learning for Inverse Flow Problems in Soft Matter
Fumiaki Yokoyama (University of Tokyo)Phenotypic Heterogeneity of Extracellular Matrix Production within Bacterial Proliferating Active Matter
Hiroki Matsukiyo (Kyushu University)Oscillating edge current in polar active fluid
Prof. Xinpeng Xu (Guangdong-Technion-Israel Institute of Technology)Persistent random walk of adherent cells under different stimuli
Zhihong You (Xiamen University)Liquid-liquid phase separation driven by active flow
Prof. Shigeyuki Komura (Wenzhou Institute, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)Emergence of odd elasticity in micromachines
Dr. Ziluo Zhang (Wenzhou Institute, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)Field theory of active Brownian particles in potentials
Prof. Yongxiang Gao (Shenzhen University)/td> Odd turbulent flow in a chiral active fluid
Prof. Guangyin Jing (Northwest University)Bacterial swimming in complex fluids

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The Physics of Self-Organising Active Matter (Higgs Centre Workshop)


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