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Physics of Biological Cells: from molecules to populations

Event description

The international workshop “Physics of Biological Cells: From Molecules to Populations”, will take place on May 14-16 2024 on the King’s Buildings campus of the University of Edinburgh. The workshop aims to bring together a vibrant community of researchers working on the current burgeoning topics of exceptional interest spanning experimental and theoretical biophysics, physics of life and biologically motivated soft matter physics.

The workshop Program will cover five broad themes:

• Biophysics of Bacteria and Microorganisms

• Protein-based Pattern Formation

• Genome organization and function

• Breaking spatial and temporal symmetry

• Biological active matter

Join us to listen to the excellent line-up of international speakers and consider active participation – submit an abstract for a contributed talk or poster presentation. Each workshop theme will offer three slots for contributed talks (15+5 min). Early career researchers including postdoctoral fellows and PhD students are highly encouraged to submit. The workshop aims to foster the atmosphere of equality, diversity and inclusion. Limited funds are available to offset travel expenses for participants in need, especially early career researchers.

The scientific Program will begin at 9am on Tuesday, May 14th and adjourn Thursday, May 16th at lunchtime. Detailed program to follow.

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Physics of Biological Cells: from molecules to populations


Elm Lecture Theatre (Find us on campus maps)
Kings Buildings Campus
Thomas Bayes Rd


Key speakers

  • Markus BAR (PTB, Germany)
  • Carsten BETA (Potsdam)
  • Pietro CICUTA (Cambridge)
  • Rosana COLLEPARDO-GUEVARA (Cambridge)
  • Suzanne FIELDING (Durham)
  • Lendert GELENS (KU Leuven)
  • Nir GOV (WIS)
  • Alexander GROSBERG (NYU)
  • Isabella GUIDO (Surrey)
  • Jacob HALATEK
  • Linda HIRST (University of California, Merced)
  • Martin HOWARD (John Innes Centre)
  • Aneta KOSESKA (MPG)
  • Liedewij LAAN (TU Dellft)
  • Philip PEARCE (UCL)
  • Teuta PILIZOTA (Edinburgh)
  • Marco POLIN ((UIB-CSIC))
  • Eleonora SECCHI (ETH Zürich)
  • Willem VANDERLINDEN (Edinburgh)
  • Andrea WEISSE (Edinburgh)
  • Julia YEOMANS (Oxford)