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New Vistas in Stochastic Resetting

Event description

Stochastic resetting is an intriguing mechanism that is relevant in physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, engineering and economics. Arguably, the idea first emerged in 'restart' algorithms in computer science where deliberating restarting an algorithm improves convergence rates. In physics the idea of stochastically resetting a stochastic process to some initial condition gained traction with the paper Evans M R and Majumdar S N 2011, Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 160601. There it was shown that resetting a diffusive process (i) drastically reduces first passage times (ii) provides a simple paradigm for generating nonequilibrium states. The idea has spread to search theory, stochastic thermodynamics, optimisation theory, and all the way to quantum mechanics, where resetting can be interpreted in terms of measurements. Further connections have been made to animal foraging, protein-DNA interactions, chemical reaction processes, as well as to stock-market and population dynamics which display colossal crashes, i.e., resetting events. While most studies to date have been theoretical, several groups using optical traps have now confirmed theoretical predictions and provided a new arena for experiments. A recent special issue of Journal of Physics A 2022 has been devoted to the topic and attracted 40 articles.

The aim of the meeting is to gather together leading protagonists and provide a forum to set the agenda for new directions in the field of stochastic resetting. In particular the recent developments in quantum mechanical resetting and stochastic thermodynamics of resetting extend fundamental theoretical physics, whilst applications to search processes, population dynamics and biochemical reactions provide multidisciplinary interest.

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17 Jun / 08:15—08:45
Registration (0h30′)
17 Jun / 08:45—09:05
Welcome from Director of Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics (0h20′)
17 Jun / 09:05—09:40
Gregory Schehr - Extreme statistics and spacing distribution in a Brownian gas correlated by resetting (0h35′)
17 Jun / 10:10—10:45
Arnab Pal - Homing as a resetting paradigm (0h35′)
17 Jun / 10:45—11:20
Francesco Mori - Optimal control with resetting in animal navigation (0h35′)
17 Jun / 13:00—14:00
PhD Poster Session (1h00′)
17 Jun / 14:00—14:35
Anupam Kundu - Stochastic resetting with stochastic returns (0h35′)
17 Jun / 15:05—15:40
Yael Roichman - Boosting Search Efficiency: Exploring Reset Protocols in Stochastic Systems (0h35′)
17 Jun / 15:40—16:15
Sergio Ciliberto - Applications of optimal protocols to resetting and erasure (0h35′)
18 Jun / 08:30—09:05
Supriya Krishnamurthy - Thermodynamic costs for resetting processes (0h35′)
18 Jun / 09:05—09:40
Denis Boyer - Distributed resetting (0h35′)
18 Jun / 10:10—10:45
Urna Basu - Brownian motion with stochastic diffusion coefficient under stochastic resetting (0h35′)
18 Jun / 10:45—11:20
Daniel Sanchez - Stochastic Resetting Modelling to Optimise Therapy Change Protocols to Reduce Drug Resistance (0h35′)
18 Jun / 14:00—14:35
Eli Barkai - Resetting expedites quantum hitting times (0h35′)
18 Jun / 15:05—15:40
Ralf Metzler - Partial Resetting Dynamics (0h35′)
18 Jun / 15:40—16:10
Manas Kulkarni - Entanglement and First detection probability via Quantum Resetting (0h30′)
19 Jun / 08:30—09:05
Rosemary Harris - Does first-passage duality hold in run-and-tumble processes? (0h35′)
19 Jun / 09:05—09:40
Gabriele Perfetto - Monitored quantum dynamics from resets to dissipation and measurements (0h35′)
19 Jun / 10:10—10:45
Barak Hirshberg - Stochastic Resetting for Enhanced Sampling of Molecular Dynamics (0h35′)
19 Jun / 10:45—11:20
Igor Sokolov (0h35′)
19 Jun / 12:30—13:05
Sanjib Sabhapandit - Noninteracting particles in a harmonic trap with a stochastically driven center (0h35′)
19 Jun / 13:05—13:40
Trifce Sandev - Heterogeneous processes under stochastic resetting (0h35′)
19 Jun / 13:40—13:55
Closing comments (0h15′)

New Vistas in Stochastic Resetting


Higgs Centre Seminar Room, JCMB (Find us on campus maps)
The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics
School of Physics and Astronomy
James Clerk Maxwell Building, 4305
Peter Guthrie Tait Road


Key speakers