Long-Lived Particles and the Third Generation


Long-lived particles can arise from a broad set of models and they receive experimental attention in dedicated searches in the LHC datasets. However, attention has so far been mostly focused on the experimentally simpler first and second generation particle decays, and the decays to the third generation are deserving of a dedicated theoretical workshop to identify aspects that are ripe for further theoretical development, and to aid the experimental searches for LLP decays to third generation by identifying benchmark models and phase space. The third generation could prove to be a fruitful area for searches owing to the higher mass of the third generation particles, and to the special role played by the third generation in several BSM theories.

Speakers include: Jon Butterworth, Giovanna Cottin, Nishita Desai, Jared Evans, Jan Hajer, Kazuki Sakurai, John Stupak, Susanne Westhoff, Jose Zurita

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Workshop aims:

  1. identify existing benchmark theoretical models for LLP decaying to third generation particles that LHC experiments (and others) should target
  2. identify areas which are ripe for further theory and/or phenomenological studies
  3. foster a community who will meet twice more during the lifetime of Farrington's ERC grant to discuss the theoretical issues in the search for LLPs decaying to third generation.

The talks will focus on summarising the experimental reach for the third generation so far and on identifying theoretical models that give rise to LLP decays to the third generation and how they should be benchmarked and simulated.

The workshop is predominantly for theorists.

Attendance is by invitation: please contact us if you are working in this area and would like to request an invitation


Please follow this link to view available B&Bs and guesthouses close to the Kings Building Campus and the James Clerk Maxwell Building. Please inquire about academic rates. Further information on the venue can be found here.


Long-Lived Particles and the Third Generation

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