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Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics Workshop - Heavy Flavours at High pT

Event description

The precision level reached by the LHC experiments gives us the unique chance to test the Standard Model (SM) to its limit. To observe any deviation from the SM, a solid and rigorous understanding of QCD processes is paramount. In this context, the least known strongly-interacting objects are the beauty (b) and charm (c) quarks. Their masses are larger than the proton mass but small enough to allow the formation of bound states, the B and D hadrons respectively. A thorough understanding of processes involving b- and c-quarks is crucial in the context of high-pT processes, which include the production of the Higgs boson and of new heavy particles. Dedicated b(c)-tagging techniques that exploit the peculiar decay geometry of B and D decays are widely used in collider experiments. There is an intense activity in the community to better understand the best ways to describe this class of processes. For instance, new flavour jet algorithms were recently put forward. At the same time, improved perturbative QCD calculation of the fragmentation of heavy flavours into heavy-flavoured hadrons appeared in the literature, and the first evidence of the heavy-flavour (charm) content of the proton was reported.

Despite the tremendous effort described above, phenomenological analyses are not yet at the precision level that is needed to make the most out of the LHC data. The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts that can discuss the many different ingredients needed to provide the LHC experiments to perform precision measurements for high-pT processes involving heavy quarks.

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Registration deadline: 15th November 2023

For information, please contact:
Richard D. Ball
Simone Marzani
Maria Ubiali


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Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics Workshop - Heavy Flavours at High pT


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