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Gravity beyond Einstein: Quo vadimus?

Event description

The first simultaneous detection of gravitational waves and electromagnetic radiation from two merging neutron stars (GW170817 and GRB 170817A) poses new challenges to theories of gravity specifically designed to explain the late time accelerated expansion of the universe. Nevertheless, tensions in the data and the so far unsolved cosmological constant problem make infrared modifications to General Relativity (GR) an attractive alternative to dark energy, both theoretically and observationally. By bringing together experts on different aspects of modified gravity, this workshop is designed to discuss the current status of modified gravity cosmology, and most importantly encourage structured discussions aimed to setting the stage for crucial steps forward in the search for signatures beyond GR

PhD and Early Researchers talks

We are inviting applications for 10 minute talks, plus 2 minutes for questions, from PhD students and Early Researchers. If you would like to apply to give a talk, please provide a title and abstract using the registration form.

The deadline for applications is 5th January with talks being selected and advised on the 10th January.

Invited speakers and discussion leaders (click "list of participants"

above for a full list of those registered):

  • Lucas Lombriser (University of Geneva)
  • Christian Arnold (Durham University)
  • Tessa Baker (Oxford University)
  • Baojiu Li (Durham University)
  • Hans Winther (Oxford University)
  • Andy Taylor (University of Edinburgh)
  • Catherine Heymans (University of Edinburgh)
  • Clare Burrage (University of Nottingham)

Video's of talks:

Lucas Lombriser

Tessa Baker Discussion

Andy Taylor Discussion

Catherine Heymans and Clare Burrage Discussion

Damien Trinh

Bill Wright

Agnes Ferte

Robert Hagala

Aneesh Naik

Hiromu Ogawa

Shiming Gu

Alessio Spurio Mancini

Cesar Hernandez- Aguayo

Christian Arnold

Baojui Li & Hans Winther


Gravity beyond Einstein: Quo vadimus?


The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics (Find us on campus maps)
School of Physics and Astronomy
James Clerk Maxwell Building, 4305
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