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Gravitational Self-Force and Scattering Amplitudes Workshop

Event description

Recent developments in scattering amplitudes have given new insights into the classical two-body dynamics in the post-Minkowskian expansion (i.e., expansion in Newton's constant), leveraging extremely efficient computational techniques traditionally used for collider physics. At the same time, the gravitational self-force expansion has allowed the gravitational-wave community to develop a description of the two-body dynamics which is fully non-perturbative in the coupling, while being accurate only in the limit of small mass-ratios.

There are exciting prospects in uniting these two complementary approaches, possibly yielding powerful new modeling methods for gravitational-wave astronomy and new insights into the connections between gravity and amplitudes. In the past year there have been notable steps toward this goal, but much more remains to be done to fully benefit from synergies between the two methods. This workshop will bring together experts from both communities to establish new collaborations, with the following topics to be discussed:

  • recovering self-force through resummation of PM results;
  • comparison between self-force and analytical post-Newtonian/post-Minkowskian results;
  • Kerr black holes from amplitudes and point particles;
  • double copy structures in classical gravity and black hole perturbation theory.

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Riccardo Gonzo (
Chris Kavanagh (
Adam Pound (
Mao Zeng (


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19 Mar 2024 08:45

19 Mar 2024 09:15
Welcome session

19 Mar 2024 12:00
Group picture

19 Mar 2024 15:00
Discussion session: Waveforms, spin and amplitudes (Radu Roiban)

19 Mar 2024 17:00
Welcome reception

20 Mar 2024 15:00
Discussion session: What can PM do for GSF? What can GSF do for PM? (Adam Pound)

21 Mar 2024 15:00
Discussion session: Analytical insights to GSF from particle physics (Riccardo Gonzo, Ofri Telem)

21 Mar 2024 19:30
Dinner: Amber restaurant, 354 Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NE

22 Mar 2024 13:00
Colloquium: Probing subatomic physics with gravitational waves from neutron star binary inspirals(Tanja Hinderer)

22 Mar 2024 14:10
Closing remarks


Gravitational Self-Force and Scattering Amplitudes Workshop


Higgs Centre Seminar Room, JCMB (Find us on campus maps)
The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics
School of Physics and Astronomy
James Clerk Maxwell Building, 4305
Peter Guthrie Tait Road


Key speakers

  • Clifford CHEUNG (Caltech)
  • Thibault DAMOUR (IHES)
  • Abraham HARTE (DCU)
  • Chris KAVANAGH (UCD)
  • Sonja KLISCH (Edinburgh)
  • Dimitrios KOSMOPOULOS (Geneva)
  • Oliver LONG (Albert Einstein Institute)
  • Gustav MOGULL (Albert Einstein Institute)
  • Rafael PORTO (DESY)
  • Justin VINES (UCLA)
  • Chris WHITTALL (Southampton)

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Registration closes on Tuesday 20 February 2024.