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Fit(s) for LHC run-2

Event description

A main objective of the LHC is the search for and the possible discovery of new physics beyond the Standard Model. An essential aspect is the quantitative interpretation, i.e. fits, of the data in terms of existing, well-motivated new physics models. These can be complete models, such as the constrained minimal supersymmetric model, effective TeV-scale models like the general MSSM, or simplified models, constructed to understand a subset of the data in terms of easily understandable physical parameters.

We propose to bring together world-leading experts in the area of global fits for BSM models and Higgs physics, to discuss status and challenges for the LHC run-2.

This workshop is jointly funded by the Higgs Centre and the DFG Network "New Physics at the LHC".

If you have been invited to attend this workshop, please fill in the registration form below. If you would like to receive an invite, please contact mkraemer [at] (subject: Fits for LHC Workshop Oct 2016) (Michael Kraemer) in the first instance.

Speakers should please email their slides to j.m.smillie [at] and/or mkraemer [at] (or pass them over via USB) for inclusion on the indico page.


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Fit(s) for LHC run-2


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