Edinburgh Fluid Dynamics Group Launch Meeting

Ignazio Maria Viola, Arjun Berera, Alexander Morozov

Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics

Key Speakers:

Fluid dynamics is relevant to a wide variety of fields including acoustics, bio-medicine, aerodynamics, turbomachinery, engines, air/sea/land vehicles, renewable energy, weather systems, floods, fires, cosmology, and astrophysics.

At the University of Edinburgh there are more than 50 academics and estimated more than 200 postgraduate researchers across the Colleges of Science and Engineering and Medicine and Veterinary Medicine who conduct research in fluid dynamics.

The network aims to promote collaborations around key fluid mechanics themes, and to develop cross departmental strategy which will enable the University of Edinburgh to establish itself as a world leading university in the field of fluid mechanics. The network also aims to provide coordination and leadership to facilitate highest quality research by ensuring that cooperative funding bids are secured.

More information about this network is available on its webpage.