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Early Career Researchers in Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Event description

This event will be mainly sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics group. The group is interested in a range of problems, covering the properties of molecules and the behaviour of macroscopic matter and is an interdisciplinary enterprise, embracing synthetic chemistry, physical chemistry, physics, polymer science, biology, food science, materials and engineering. The aim of the workshop is to foster the interaction and networking of early career researchers while giving them the visibility they deserve. We envisage a mix of simulations, theory and experiments covering a range of topics within statistical mechanics such as disordered systems, membranes, liquids, phase separation, complex fluids, polymers, etc.

More specifically: - non-equilibrium disordered systems - active matter - membranes - industrial challenges - DNA nanotechnology - phase separation - glasses

Every participant is encouraged to bring a poster and we will select additional contributed speakers from the list of participants.

Please submit your abstract to be considered for an oral presentation here.

Please proceed to register and pay on epay.

Conference dinner will be offered to all the participants.

Start time:
Wed 26 April at 11am
End time: Friday 28 April 1pm

Confirmed speakers:
Francesco Turci (Bristol)
Ivan Palaia (ISTA, Vienna)
Viola Introini (EMBL Barcelona)
Roger Rubio Sanchez (Imperial College)
Lucas Le Nagard (Edinburgh)
James McDonough (Serna-bio(UK))
Malgorzata Zimon (IBM)
Clyde Fare (IBM)
Giuliana Giunta (BASF(Germany))
Claire Hobday (Edinburgh)
Camille Scalliet (Cambridge)
Venkat Kapil (Cambridge)

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Early Career Researchers in Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics


Higgs Centre Seminar Room, JCMB (Find us on campus maps)
The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics
School of Physics and Astronomy
James Clerk Maxwell Building, 4305
Peter Guthrie Tait Road


Key speakers

  • Clyde FARE (IBM)
  • Giuliana GIUNTA (BASF Germany)
  • Claire HOBDAY (Edinburgh)
  • Viola INTROINI (European Molecular Biology Laboratory Barcelona)
  • Venkat KAPIL (Cambridge)
  • Lucas LE NAGARD (Edinburgh)
  • James MCDONAGH (Serna-bio (UK))
  • Ivan PALAIA (ISTA)
  • Roger Rubio SANCHEZ (Imperial)
  • Camille SCALLIET (Cambridge)
  • Francesco TURCI (University of Bristol)
  • Malgorzata ZIMON (IBM)