Higgs Centre Past Workshops

29.11.2012 to 30.11.2012
Peter Boyle


Key Speakers:
Chris Sachrajda, Jonathan Flynn, Marina Marinkovic, Atonin Portelli, Andreas Juttner, Julien Frison, Peter Boyle, Rudy Arthur, Luigi Del Debbio, Nicolas Garron

Kaon Physics: B_K, supersymmetric bag parameters, K->pi pi, Semileptonic form factors,  rare decays

Bottom physics: f_B, B_B, \xi, Actions for heavy quarks

Workshop web page (password protected): www.ph.ed.ac.uk/~paboyle/CFA2/

24.09.2012 to 28.09.2012
Einan Gardi, Jenni Smillie and Chris White

University of Edinburgh, Glasgow University

Key Speakers:
Vittorio Del Duca, Claude Duhr, Lorenzo Magnea

The mini-workshop "New methods for QCD" is dedicated to reviewing recent progress and discussing present research projects on the infrared singularity structure of QCD scattering amplitudes.

The programme is available here.

Edinburgh Venue: