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Analogue models of gravity and fluctuation-induced phenomena (Higgs Centre Workshop)

Event description

The workshop is multidisciplinary and aims to bring together researchers both from the gravity/high energy and condensed matter communities. The topic of the workshop falls within the broad research field of non-equilibrium quantum fields and fluctuations induced phenomena, which include Hawking radiation and dynamical Casimir effect. Participants will discuss the present state of both theoretical and experimental research in the field, as well as future challenges.

The workshop is free of charge, but unfortunately the number of attendees is limited. Contributed talks and posters are welcome. We will accommodate as many talk requests as we are able. Please submit your proposed title and a brief abstract when you register. All applications will be considered as long as places are available.

This event is co-funded by the Leverhulme Trust and University of Glasgow.

For accommodation recommendations nearby, please see workshop resources on the right of this page. KM Central will be used by many speakers of the workshop and is recommended if you wish to join them

Registration deadline:
Registration is now closed.

Abstract submission deadline:
31 May 2022

Please address any questions concerning the workshop to: Dr Salvatore (Giulio) Butera
School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Glasgow
University Avenue
Kelvin Building, Room 522

Co-funded by Leverhulme Trust


See the full timetable on Indico

27 Jun / 08:00—08:30
Welcome (0h30′)
27 Jun / 08:30—09:15
William Unruh - University of British Columbia; Vancouver, Canada. Detection of acceleration temperature in BEC (0h45′)
27 Jun / 09:15—10:00
Martin Bojowald - Pennsylvania State University; University Park, United States. A moment approach to non-adiabatic quantum dynamics (0h45′)
27 Jun / 10:30—11:00
Julien Grain - Paris-Saclay University - CNRS; Orsay, France. Stochastic inflation: modeling the back reaction of quantum fluctuations in cosmology (0h30′)
27 Jun / 11:00—11:30
Ivan Agullo - Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, United States. Quantum aspects of stimulated Hawking radiation on an analog white-black Hole pair (0h30′)
27 Jun / 13:00—13:45
Bei-Lok Hu - University of Maryland; College Park, United States. Quantum Fluctuations in Gravity: Gravitational Cat State, Graviton Noise and Stochastic Gravity (0h45′)
27 Jun / 13:45—14:15
Luca Giacomelli - University of Paris; Paris, France. Toy-model black holes in BECs: quantum superradiance and more 15:15 (0h30′)
27 Jun / 14:45—15:30
Larry Ford (Remote talk) - Tuft University; Medford, United States. Analog Models for Quantum Stress Tensor Fluctuations (0h45′)
27 Jun / 15:30—16:00
Maxime Jacquet - Laboratoire Kastler Brossel - Sorbonne University; Paris, France. Vacuum quantum excitation of the quasi-normal modes of an analogue black hole in a polariton fluid (0h30′)
27 Jun / 16:00—16:20
Poster Session (0h20′)
28 Jun / 08:00—08:45
Jeff Steinhauer - Technion; Haifa, Israel. Hawking radiation in the presence of two analogue horizons (0h45′)
28 Jun / 08:45—09:30
Ian Moss - Newcastle University; Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. The hot big bang in a cold gas (0h45′)
28 Jun / 09:30—10:00
Elisabeth Giacobino - Laboratoire Kastler Brossel - Sorbonne University; Paris, France. Analog gravity and Hawking effect in a quantum fluid of light (0h30′)
28 Jun / 10:30—11:00
Fabio Biancalana - Heriot-Watt University; Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Nonlinear Optics and the Holographic Principle (0h30′)
28 Jun / 11:00—11:30
Gregory Kaplanek - Imperial College London; London, United Kingdom. Decoherence in de Sitter space (0h30′)
28 Jun / 13:00—13:45
Gabriele Ferrari - University of Trento; Trento, Italy. Observation of Massless and Massive Collective Excitations in a Two-Component Superfluid (0h45′)
28 Jun / 13:45—14:15
David Bermudez - Cinvestav; Mexico City, Mexico. Effective Michelson interference observed in fiber-optical analogue of Hawking radiation (0h30′)
28 Jun / 14:45—15:30
Daniele Faccio - University of Glasgow; Glasgow, United Kingdom. Fundamental phenomena in a rotating world (0h45′)
28 Jun / 15:30—16:00
Cisco Gooding - University of Nottingham; Nottingham, United Kingdom. Detecting the Unruh Effect in an Analogue (0h30′)
28 Jun / 16:00—16:30
Friedrich König - University of St. Andrews; St. Andrews, United Kingdom. Optical Soliton Analogue of Black Hole Quasinormal Mode Oscillations (0h30′)
28 Jun / 18:30—20:30
Social dinner (Amber restaurant, 354 Castlehill) (2h00′)
29 Jun / 08:00—08:45
Miles Blencowe - Dartmouth College; Hanover, United States. Analogue gravity with optomechanical circuit systems (0h45′)
29 Jun / 08:45—09:30
Silke Weinfurtner - University of Nottingham; Nottingham, United Kingdom. Preheating experiments (0h45′)
29 Jun / 09:30—10:00
Francesco Intravaia - Humboldt University of Berlin; Berlin, Germany. On the physics of Quantum Friction (0h30′)
29 Jun / 10:30—11:00
Jibril Ben Achour - Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics; Munich, Germany. From gravity to fluid mechanics via dynamical symmetries (0h30′)
29 Jun / 11:00—11:30
Thomas Colas - Paris-Saclay University; Paris, France. Cosmological Master Equations (0h30′)
29 Jun / 11:30—12:00
Final discussions & Conclusions - Chairs: Iacopo Carusotto, S. Giulio Butera, Suddho Brahma (0h30′)

Analogue models of gravity and fluctuation-induced phenomena (Higgs Centre Workshop)


Higgs Centre Seminar Room, JCMB (Find us on campus maps)
The Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics
School of Physics and Astronomy
James Clerk Maxwell Building, 4305
Peter Guthrie Tait Road


Key speakers

  • Fabio BIANCALANA (Heriot-Watt)
  • Miles P. BLENCOWE (Dartmouth College)
  • Martin BOJOWALD (Penn State University)
  • Daniele FACCIO (Glasgow)
  • Gabriele FERRARI (University of Trento)
  • Larry FORD (Tufts University)
  • Elisabeth GIACOBINO (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel)
  • Luca GIACOMELLI (University of Trento)
  • Bei Lok HU (University of Maryland)
  • Francesco INTRAVAIA (HU Berlin)
  • Ian MOSS (Newcastle)
  • Jeff STEINHAUER (Technion)
  • William (Bill) UNRUH (UBC)
  • Silke WEINFURTNER (Nottingham)