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Singing the Stars

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Celebrate Caroline Herschel's birthday by listening to the podcast "Singing the Stars", which presents an overview of Caroline's achievement in astronomy and music.

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Dr Patricia Fara – Science Historian, Emeritus Fellow of Clare College Cambridge Dr Sian Prosser – Librarian and Archivist Royal Astronomical Society Dr Anna Lisa Varri – UKRI Future Leaders Fellow University of Edinburgh and Researcher at the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics

“The Weaver’s Prayer” by Maria Barthélemon (1749-1799) for mixed voices and instruments performed by electric voice theatre singers – Frances M Lynch, Jenny Miller (sopranos); Margaret Cameron (mezzo); David Sheppard (counter tenor); Julian Stocker (tenor); Gwion Thomas (baritone)

“Epitaph for a Comet Hunter” (2016) by Frances M Lynch for solo voice, chorus, harpsichord & electronics, with additional music by George Frideric Handel and William Herschel. It was especially recorded and produced for this celebration by Herbie Clarke & Frances M Lynch in March 2021 This episode is part of the series "Women of Science and Music", produced by the Electric Voice Theatre.

Herschel, Caroline

Caroline Herschel

Singing the Stars