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Alumni Career Talk with Michal Tomaszewski

  • Michal Tomaszewski
    • MSD

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Michal Tomaszewski graduated with an MPhys in Mathematical Physics from Edinburgh in 2014, followed by a PhD from Cambridge University in 2018. At Cambridge Michal worked on developing a novel photoacoustic imaging technique for measurement of blood vasculature in cancer tumors. His postdoctoral training took him to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, where for 3 years he worked on Magnetic Resonance Imaging applications in cancer research. Since 2021 he works for the pharmaceutical company MSD in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As an associate principal scientist in the translational imaging department, he is responsible for the use of MRI in drug discovery, advancing imaging methods to better understand the mechanism of action and safety profile of novel pharmaceuticals and support their development.

Alumni Career Talk with Michal Tomaszewski

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