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Cosmology Beyond Linear Theory

  • Sabino Matarrese
    • Padua University


The simplest approach to cosmological observables makes use of a background solution (the homogeneoues and isotropic standard cosmological model) plus small, linear perturbations superposed on it. While the need to go beyond linear theory is universally recognized when dealing with cosmic structure formation, there are several other consequences of "going beyond the linear level" which have become a standard tool in cosmological analyses only during the last 20-30 years and others which are still poorly explored. In this talk, I will review several examples of deviations from linearity, such as: production of primordial non-Gaussian signals, production of gravitational waves and magnetic fields from density fluctuations, production of density perturbations from gravitational waves as well as non-vanishing cross-correlations among seemingly independent observables.

Cosmology Beyond Linear Theory



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