Colloquia Archive 2019


Clustering and Correlations in Fluctuating Environments—Mustansir BARMA


Shared histories lead to strong correlations. Thus, particles which find themselves in the same evolving environment have a tendency to cluster and approach an interesting state. This talk is ...


The Surprising Simplicity of Scattering Amplitudes—Jacob Lewis BOURJAILY


Quantum field theory is the modern manifestation of "force equals mass times acceleration": it is the underlying, mathematical framework in which understand and describe physical laws today—from the ...


Variational Quantum Algorithms—Jose Ignacio LATORRE

Small quantum computers are now a reality. They provide the instrument to test new ways to process information using quantum logic. We analyze novel ideas to build hybrid quantum algorithms ...


The Limits of CosmologyJoseph SILK

One of our greatest challenges in cosmology is understanding the origin of the structure of the universe, and in particular the formation of the galaxies. I will describe how the ...


Testing General Relativity with Cosmological observations—Ruth DURRER


General Relativity (GR) is immensely successful. With the late discovery of gravitational waves from black hole and neutron star mergers, it has passed all the tests with flying colors ...


Causal Sets, Discrete GravityFay DOWKER

Quantum gravity is the name of a problem, not a theory. The problem is that we do not have a unified framework for fundamental physics in which both gravity and ...