Future Visitors

George Hou

National Taiwan University

Collaboration with both particle theory and particle experiment groups through the Visiting Researcher Program.

26.04.2017 to 16.06.2017
13.05.2017 to 17.05.2017

Samuel Abreu


PPT Seminar; Collaboration with Claude Duhr, Einan Gardi and Ruth Britto

18.05.2017 to 26.05.2017

Ruth Britto

Collaboration with Claude Duhr, Samuel Abreu and Einan Gardi; PPT Seminar 

22.05.2017 to 26.05.2017

Claude Duhr

CERN - Theoretical Physics

Collaboration with Ruth Britto, Samuel Abreu and Einan Gardi

22.05.2017 to 26.05.2017